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What is Adventist Christian Fellowship?

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is the official organization of the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for Public Campus Ministries on non-Adventist college and university campuses. This ministry is hosted within the Youth Ministries Department and has 15 chapters across Ontario. Within the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventist's, including the US, Canada, Bermuda and Guam, ACF is a network of over one hundred chapters!

You're invited to this year's ACF Ontario Winter Retreat. It's going to be a fun and Spirit-filled weekend as we discover how we can go deeper in our journeys with God. The retreat will start with getting acquainted with our guest speaker, Pastor Toakase Vunileva, and other students across Ontario. Then the fun continues throughout the weekend, with socials, games, workshops, and outdoor activities. We'll spend time with God and each other as we fellowship, network and grow together. Our hope is that you'll leave this retreat feeling refreshed and with on how God calls us to go deeper in our faith, relationships, and communities.

Ahhhh, the first year of school... are we right? Or maybe you're a nervous nelly about this new life chapter. No worries! Whether you're excited or nervous, we have just the perfect book to help guide you through this exciting first year of studies!