Past Workshops

As campus ministers, we strive to learn, grow and improve upon our ministry. That is why ACF Ontario is committed to having engaging and interactive workshops that are tailored to meet the growing needs of our Club Presidents, executive teams and campus leaders. We believe that you can also benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that has been shared with us. That is why you'll find below, recordings from workshops, seminars and sermons that we've had since 2020. As ministry continues, we will update the page with more workshops & seminar presentations from our events, trainings and/or retreats.

Revive Us Again - Leader's Retreat 2021

Dealing with Failure

Persevering Through Hard Times

ACF Day @ Scarborough SDA

Revive Us Again

Virtual Friday Vespers 2021

It's Not What It Seems

The Ministry of Rest

2 Witches, 1 Pastor & a Cup of Chai

Not Alone - Strength In Unity

NEC Friday Worship

ASC & ACF Friday Worship

Divine Worship

Life After Graduation

Financial Freedom


Grad School

The Job Hunt

Annual Winter Retreat 2021

Reboot: The Passion for Ministry

In God's Hands

Reboot: Strength to Overcome

God & Blue Gatorade

Reboot: Mental Sanity

President's Council Panel

Reboot: My Spiritual Life

Divine Worship Experience

ACF Emphasis Weekend 2020

Friday Evening

Sabbath Morning

Sabbath Afternoon

Sabbath Evening

Leaders Retreat 2020

The Importance of Friendship

Fears for the School Year

Building a Virtual Ministry

Ministry Ideas Brainstorm

Importance of Community

Jesus Has Overcome the World

Campus is the Mission Field

Go & Do

Visions of Love - Dr. Danilo Boskovic

Graduation Celebration 2020

Graduation Celebration 2021

Young Adult Camp Meeting | Thrive Cafe