Leader's Retreat

Every year, we gather our local chapter Presidents and executive teams, when possible, for a weekend of network building, bonding, skills training and worship. This weekend serves as a reassurance to our leaders of the ministry task they are about to embark on while ensuring that they have to tools, resources and spiritual confidence to be successful in the mission of Reaching the Campus, to Change the World.

What a Weekend!

What an amazing weekend we spent together. The last school year was rocked and upended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ministry was derailed, plans were changed and some of us were discouraged while others saw new, unique opportunities to minister to their virtual campus. But after this weekend experience, our chapters can look forward to returning to in-person learning, knowing they have received a Holy Ghost revival for their ACF Chapter and On-Campus Ministry!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this Retreat a powerful, encouraging and spirit-filled weekend! If you missed it, you truly missed a blessing! You can go to our Workshops Page to watch the sermons that we heard through the weekend. Join us for our leader's retreat in the Summer of 2022!