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As students, you may not have the time or resources to ensure you have a professional headshot! A great headshot ensures you're making the best impression possible, which makes you feel good about your personal brand and what other professionals are thinking when they see your image. This is important as you grow throughout your academic experience and then as that experience translate to the professional working world. This is why ACF Ontario wants to give you a competitive edge by offering by professional headshot, free of charge! This is available for Adventist Students on Public Campuses and will help set you up for unimaginable success. So sign-up today, right down below as spots are limited and filling up fast!

Important Things to Note

You Get 1 Free Headshot

If you'd like additional headshots or poses, they will be made available to you for $35 per additional headshot.

Location: Apurture One

The address of the studio where the sessions will be happening is
UNIT H - 2630 Lancaster Road Ottawa, ON K1B 4Z4

Each Session is Only 15 Minutes

Please arrive 5 mins before your scheduled session. Changing space is available at the studio. If you miss your time, you may not get your headshot.


  • You will have to sign a Model Release Form upon Arriving

  • The finished headshot you receive will have been edited. Further touch-ups will be available for $20 per photo for additional retouching

  • The information collected from you in registration will be used for Contact Tracing

  • If you need help getting to or from the location, we can provide transportation

  • PRACTICE YOUR SMILE!! You will need to smile in your headshot

  • Bring 2 different outfits. The dress code is Business Attire.

    • Men should wear a suit & tie or a blazer & dress shirt

    • Women should wear a dress or business-like top/blouse

  • Choose clothes that are flatter and fit your body type. Pick colours that compliment your complexion

  • Solid, soft and muted colours usually photograph best. Avoid logos, bold patterns, neon and wrinkled clothes.

  • Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.

  • Have natural make-up which is slightly heavier than usual.

  • If you aren’t confident about creating your own striking look, then you may want to consider the option of booking a hair and make-up artist, at your own expense.

  • Have your nails clean and manicured.

  • Groom your facial hair. Get your hair cut or styled a few days before the session

8 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot Session

#1 - Get A Good Night's Sleep

It is important that you are well rested the day of your portrait session. We want you to look your best, and getting enough sleep the night before is a good first step. Allow yourself extra time to perfect your wardrobe, style yourself, and travel. We recommend arriving for your session early. Take the opportunity to enjoy a few moments of relaxation before you begin.

#2 - Don't Over-Accessorize

It is not necessary to accessorize your session with props and toys unless it has already been discussed as an integral part of your session. We create timeless portraits that are natural, relaxed and pure. We find that keeping themes simple allows for real moments, expressions and interactions.

#3 - Keep Your Hands Free

We recommend having your hands free throughout the session. Do not have you carry extra clothing, a purse, drinks, or anything else. We will recommend that you leave your items at our starting location (most likely in your vehicle). We can come back half-way through the session to change and freshen up.

#4 - Be Yourself

We encourage you to embrace whatever mood you feel during your session. Feel free to relax, laugh and have a good time. Portraits are best when you are being yourself. Remember that just because there is a camera pointing at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be looking at the camera. Sometimes the strongest images are created when you are interacting with one another. Enjoy the moment as opposed to posing.

#5 - Carefully Select Your Wardrobe.

  • Simplicity is always best, so when in doubt keep in mind that “less is more”.

  • Avoid patterns and stripes, as they often will conflict with other elements in your portrait.

  • Avoid logos, as they can be visually distracting.

  • Neutral colours such as beige, white, black, tan and grey often photograph the best. They complement skin tones and don’t conflict with common background elements.

  • Wear clothing that fits properly. A proper fit that allows you to move and feel comfortable will help you look more confident in your portrait.

  • Always dress with full length in mind, including shoes and socks in your wardrobe consideration. Shoe styles should be simple and non-distracting.

  • If you wear glasses regularly, you should wear them for your session as we want you to look like you normally do. Don’t worry about shine or glare, as we know how to look for these things and photograph accordingly.

#6 - Get Your Bling Off

We normally recommend wearing minimal jewelry for your portrait. Jewelry that you wear on a daily basis is fine, but we prefer to not have you accessorize and add extra jewelry that you normally wouldn’t wear. If you do wear jewelry, keep it simple and it’s color should be neutral and non-distracting.

#7 - Do Not Experiment

Apply makeup and style your hair as you normally would. Now is not the time to try out a new haircut or a new style of make-up that you aren’t comfortable with.

#8 - To Tan Or Not To Tan

We recommend against going for a professional tan or intentionally tanning outdoors prior to your session. A fresh tan may look good in person but the camera is more sensitive to skin tones. Your natural color is always more flattering in photographs.

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A Joint Initiative

This opportunity to receive a free professional headshot is a joint venture between Q3 Studio and Adventist Youth Ontario. To learn more about the services offered by Q3 Studio, please visit their wesbite.