Eastern Ontario ACF Retreat

Every year in September, students at public universities and colleges between Oshawa and Ottawa gather at Camp Iawah for a weekend of fellowship, worship and networking. This weekend serves as a spiritual kick-off to the academic school year and is a blessing to those who attend annually. Students spend the weekend examining their purpose for attending school. Students strive to understand that they are at our school for a higher purpose and to make a difference. That getting a degree, making friends, and starting a career is only the beginning of the collegiate experience.

Cancelled for 2021

It is with a heavy heart and regretful spirit that we announce to you that the Eastern Ontario ACF Retreat for 2021 is cancelled. The reason for this cancellation is due mainly to the lack of persons registered to attend. In order to make this retreat happen, we needed 25 people to register in order for it to be fiscally viable. As of the close of registration, there were only 10.

We know that you were excited to attend, worship, fellowship and overall enjoy your weekend. Your sadness is understandable and is shared by my team. I wish to extend my deepest thanks for your commitment, support and excitement for this retreat. It is my hope that you'll join us for the ACF Ontario Winter Retreat in 2022 and then this retreat in September of 2022 when things are different and better.