Annual ACF Ontario Winter Retreat

Retreat 2021 Is in the History Books!

Thank you to all students, volunteers, workshop presenters, activity facilitators and plenary speakers for the part you played in the smooth execution of this retreat and for the experience gained by the students attending. We also cannot forget to mention the support given to us by the Ontario Conference Administration and their technical leads, Fifa and Ashton. Because of the roles every person played throughout the weekend, this retreat was a success and for that, all we can say is thank you. Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, your class, your flexibility, your love for God and for your dedication to the ACF ministry. The retreat

Every year, students from around Ontario gather for a four-day weekend retreat where students are rejuvenated in their spiritual walk, build lifelong friendships while building up the ACF network. This retreat has been occurring for over 20 years! The weekend features a student-led service of dynamic preaching, powerful testimonies and uplifting praise & worship. Meals are deliciously prepared onsite while there are also workshops and free activity times. By the end of their retreat, students are not only closer to Christ, but they leave the retreat with a renewed commitment to serving God with everything they have on their public campuses. Our mission of building, engaging and empowering chapters on campus are attained realized through this annual retreat.

Past Themes:

  • 2022: To Be Determined

  • 2021: Reboot: Thriving In God's Presence

  • 2020: Does Jesus Cares: Empowering Students to Trust in God

  • 2019: Discipleship Defined: Empowering Students for Service

  • 2018: Jesus, A Man for All "Seasons"

  • 2017: Make The World Great Again

  • 2016: Learning to Enjoy the Presence of God

  • 2015: Jesus #IsAllWeNeed

  • 2014: Campus Faith